Mint Mojito Can

Mint Mojito Matcha


Our Mint Mojito has all the refreshing and bold flavors of this classic drink, combined with our subtly sweet matcha. Open a can of Mint Mojito Matcha to kick start your day with natural benefits and flavor. Just like all our matcha, this 12fl oz can will provide you with enough energy to conquer your day without uneasy jitters. Our customers love to mix this flavor with sparkling water for a revitalizing drink by the poolside.


Water, Organic SweetenFX (our proprietary blend of Erythritol and Stevia), Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Organic Lemon Juice Powder, and Natural Flavors.


Yum Matcha Cans are ready to drink and best served cold. To enjoy an iced matcha latte, simply pour 1 can into a glass of ice and top with your choice of milk.

Nutrition Facts